Daily Ritual

I am a morning person. As my morning goes, so goes the rest of my day. I find if I start it peacefully, my day goes better and I build a buffer zone between me and those who haven’t started their day in peace.

Morning Pages by Candlelight

Morning Pages by Candlelight

I have a built-in bookshelf next to my spot on the couch and there I have my “morning books.” Every Monday-Friday I read for five minutes in each of these areas:

Faith: When I started this, my goal was to read the Bible cover to cover (it took a while, but I did it!). My current book is The Four Signs of a Dynamic Catholic by Matthew Kelly.

Success: Sometimes I re-read old favorites. Every time I revisit one, I find something new. My current book is The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey

Home: Our children are grown and have places of their own. My mother-in-law passed away so we inherited not only her belongings but those she had inherited from her parents and in-laws. My husband and I are entering a new stage as “just us” so we are in the process of going through things for this new season of our lives. My current book is The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo.

Creative: I work a full-time corporate job and also sing in the church choir and do theatre at night. I also love to write and draw. Sometimes it can be a challenge to fit it all in. My current book is an old favorite – The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. I also do morning pages each morning. I highly recommend this practice if you haven’t tried it.

On weekends I read from my “to read” shelf. On a good weekend, I can finish a book.

When I don’t do my morning reading/writing my day feels off balance. Negative things affect me more. I lose my “peace bubble”.

Even if I don’t get to everything on my usually huge to-do list, if I at least read and reflect, my entire day improves.

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