Pup Walk – Gemini Springs

Our family experienced a tragedy recently. We lost Li’l Bit, our miniature pinscher. This is our first real outing since then.

Group Photo 7-16-2016

Yuki, Tinkerbell, and Gizmo


Our cars are getting older and the thought of “how far will people be willing to drive to come and get me if the car breaks down?” curtails my natural inclination to explore new parks all over the state (at least until I write my best seller and we can afford to replace the cars). So much-visited Gemini Springs is hogging all the attention. It’s just far enough out that it feels as though we’ve been somewhere. It’s free. It’s big enough that the walks remain varied. And each time we notice details we haven’t seen before.

View from the Bridge

My Favorite View from the Bridge


Yuki on Bridge

What is Yuki Looking At?

Bass Photo Op

Mr. Bass Wanted His Picture Taken Too

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