It’s Christmas Eve Eve, Y’all! 

And I’m freaking out. Normally I take time off around Christmas – a nice, leisurely week before to prepare. This year I didn’t. If I ever pull that again, slap me.

The tree has been up for a while. Thank God it’s pre-lit. In my zeal to reorganize the garage I buried the ornament cabinet behind eighty zillion boxes. They are reclaimed. Trying to muster up enough energy to put them on the tree. 

I did get the outside wreaths up (yay me!). The poinsettia I planted a few years back is blooming, almost as tall as I am, and reminding me that I usually have a whole bed of them in glorious bloom. (Have you seen the price of poinsettias this year? I could get a car for that.)

Thanks to Son, I have two gorgeous Christmas cacti – a white one in bloom, a red one waiting for Christmas. 

Presents are bought (well, most of them). Gift wrap, tape, tags are bought. Now if the gifts would just magically wrap themselves…

Tried to teach the cats. 

The laptop is dead. Trying to learn to post on my phone  – as if I’m not stressed enough.

I will likely be up all night after work today cleaning, wrapping, etc.

But it’s Christmas Eve Eve, y’all!

And despite the stress, I can hardly wait

#Merry Almost Christmas,  everyone!