A Walk in Mead Garden 

Ever since my laptop died (and I priced replacements – yikes!) I haven’t been posting much. Posting on my phone just seemed like too much work. Somewhere along the line it’s gotten easier. 

This week’s photo challenge “It’s easy being green”  certainly applies to Mead Garden on a gorgeous spring day.

Gizmo back on point

Gizmo, our Pomeranian, was down with a back injury but the vet pronounced him recovered today, so we celebrated with a walk in Mead Garden,  our neighborhood park. 

It’s darned near impossible to capture a great picture of all the pups at once – this was the best of the bunch. Gizmo, Yuki, and Tinkerbell

Winter and spring are the best times of the year to walk in Central Florida – soon it’ll be too hot, rainy, and mosquito infested. Today is perfect.

Yuki enjoying the view

Sometimes we catch an egret or heron fishing here. Not today.

Spring flowers in the swamp

Heading home

Splurged on new cushions – Yuki approves

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