My Place in the World

I have only one day off this weekend so I’m walking the tightrope of getting things done while trying not to exhaust myself because it’s going to be a busy week.

Tomorrow is filled with work followed by our tech rehearsal and press night for our new show For Love, Sir premiering this week at the Orlando Fringe Festival (more on that later – scan the barcode thingy on the poster below to purchase tickets).

For Love, Sir – world premiere – come see us

So far this morning I’ve done my workout (not that you could tell by looking at this body, but I keep telling myself it would look worse if I didn’t do it).

I ran a load of laundry (1 down, 2 to go – hurrah!). I’m in the process of reorganizing the kitchen and my eleventy-thousand cookbooks.

Vinca in bloom

Right now I’m having coffee in my garden while I watch my flowers bloom, enjoy time with the kitties and pups, and watch Smokey chase the occasional squirrel. Last week it was snakes.

I don’t recall planting a snake bush…

I’d rather have the squirrels.

Peanuts please

These moments of quiet in my garden give me the strength to do everything else I need to do. It’s my little piece of heaven right here on earth.

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