Finessing my BuJo

I don’t know where I’ve been for the past few years, but I’ve only recently discovered bullet journaling.

Bullet Journal Edition Leuchtturm 1917

Come to find out, it’s very close to what I used to do years ago when I made my to-do lists in sketchbooks and doodled alongside.

After many years in corporate world, my doodling skills have fallen by the wayside, but I have discovered stickers!

The first week I followed the one day at a time format, which worked but I wanted to see more so I could tell exactly where I am in the “conquering my world” game.

This week I tried planning my whole week. I did it in pencil and changed it to color as I completed things.

I still have today and tomorrow to finish checking off.

This appeals to the efficient organization freak side of me (I can see exactly where I stand at any given monent) and also the five-year-old me who loves color.

It is a great anti-procrastination device as I hate to see anything uncolored.

This worked so well this week (except for me smearing the ink because I haven’t yet figured out how long it takes for the ink to dry) I’m doing it again next week.

Slightly tweaked my format – I love charts. The right-hand corner mini-calendar shows commitments for the week. I was originally only doing Monday-Friday. I decided to add Saturday and Sunday, since I do a lot on the weekends as well. (I have a separate work journal that I keep at the office – that one I do daily).

Next week

Until I started adding Hammock Time it wasn’t getting done. That’s a Sunday afternoon chill-time thing for me – usually with a book.

Everyone should have a hammock

Let me know what works for you!