Cynthia Ros McClendon – from Fairhope, Alabama originally, now in Winter Park, Florida. I’ve lived and traveled all over the U.S. (every state but Hawaii – it’s ruining my perfect record). Studied at the University of Madrid for one glorious summer (with side trips to France and England since I was in the neighborhood). We lived in the Far East for several years courtesy of the U.S. Air Force – if any of our friends over there see this, please say hello! We miss you! For that matter, if any of our friends see this, say hi. Or anyone else. I’m from the South – we believe in hospitality.

I’m a writer, actress, musician, screenwriter with a day job, hiker, gardener, wife, mother, USAF veteran, Marine Mom, University of Alabama (Roll Tide!), Spring Hill College alum (Go Badgers!) and Toastmaster.

If your life is chaotic, busy and stressful (and whose today isn’t?) stop on by, pause a minute, and have a cup of coffee (or tea or milk or whatever) in my garden with me.

Because stress is fattening and life is just too short. Enjoy.