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Coffee in My Garden – First Day of Vacation, Y’all! With Smokey

It’s cold this morning (55) so we aren’t outside, but I do have the sliding door open – much to the joy of the cats. Even Smokey, our once-feral, now indoor (by choice)… Continue reading

Coffee in My Garden – Strangers in a Strange Land

We’re actually between gardens today – we’re in the midst of a cool snap. The day is beautiful, but a little too cool for the parrot and for me to enjoy being outside,… Continue reading

Coffee in My Garden – My Winter Garden

Here’s how I can tell it’s winter – not by the temperature (78 degrees today) but because I have moved my outdoor office from the garden where things bloom to the green garden… Continue reading

Observation Deck – My writing buddy.

Writing with one hand, holding her with the other.

Coffee in My Garden – Sort Of…Pieces of My Soul

The weather is not the best this morning as I write this. It’s cloudy today. If we lived up north I would say it’s going to snow. But it’s 73 degrees, so that’s… Continue reading

Coffee in My Garden – My Planner Returns! – Update – Mystery Solved

After a week or so of my original planner being missing to the point where I even gave up on St. Anthony finding it (my favorite saint who has never failed me yet)… Continue reading

Coffee in My Garden – Under Yard Arrest

This should have been last week’s post – I started it last weekend when my laptop had its meltdown – only half a meltdown this time – Hubby’s part was not affected. He… Continue reading

Coffee in My Garden – at the White House

In case you missed it, we are in the midst of a Twilight Zone episode right here in the good old U.S. of A. In case you haven’t heard, previously friendly park rangers… Continue reading

Coffee in My Garden – Patriot’s Corner

When I started this blog, my goal was very simple – to get my artist friends (all of whom had blogs and couldn’t believe that I, the writer, did not) to stop nagging… Continue reading

Coffee in My Garden – Through New Eyes

I don’t get sick very often (thankfully). It’s way too difficult to catch up afterward. This is my first day back in my garden after being in hibernation most of the week. Usually… Continue reading

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