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Observation Deck – Working on Sundays

Our Sunday morning routine has changed. Usually the parrot and I are out early so I can write in the relative coolness of early morning and she can visit with all of her… Continue reading

The Word of the Day is – Gratitude

It’s the day after Christmas, y’all. And my heart is filled with love and gratitude. Last Christmas perfectly fit “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” This time… Continue reading

Observation Deck – Christmas Updates and Gizmo’s Turn

Xena isn’t the only one who likes to snuggle up by our new Christmas tree. She got up to stretch her legs and Gizmo saw his chance. I actually had an hour or… Continue reading

Observation Deck-The Cat Test

I never realized until this year how much Xena likes Christmas lights. She likes to sleep in what used to be my chair on the front porch and was annoyed with me when I turned the wreath off in the morning. Last night was cold so she slept in my chair by the new tree. We turn it off when we go to bed, but she and I like to turn it on in the morning while I have coffee and she has breakfast. We love looking at it. Need to make a Christmas throw for that chair…

Observation Deck – The New Christmas Tree is Up!!!!

Tried to get a picture of the whole thing. Gave up. Will try again when it’s done. Now what to do with all the furniture…

Observation Deck – Behold Our New Wreath!

After yesterday’s fun and games with the old tree I decided it was time for a new tree. And I wanted a new wreath. And I found one! Note Xena watching from her… Continue reading

Observation Deck – It Was Fun While It Lasted…

It was a good thing I bathed the dogs and cleaned the bird cage when I did! It warmed up to 77 today and we seized the sunshine while it lasted – which… Continue reading

Observation Deck- And A Cat

Observation Deck- 4 Wet Dogs

Observation Deck – My writing buddy.

Writing with one hand, holding her with the other.

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