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Christmas in Florida = Warmth

Contrary to popular belief, it does get cold in Florida, but thankfully here in Central Florida it doesn’t stay cold for long. Daughter and I spent our day after Christmas shopping money from… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge – Zig Zag

Florida is a smooth and gentle state, not known for either zigging or zagging (unless it’s tourists trying to cross International Drive in Orlando). Trying to walk four dogs at once can be… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge – Summer Lovin’

Summer means one thing to me – spending as much time at the beach as possible. The pups and I went to our favorite high summer spot – Lighthouse Point Park just south… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge – Contrasts – From Sun to Rain

Normally Fridays are the day that Daughter and I get together, run errands, do our grocery shopping, go out to lunch, occasionally tackle a project around the house, go to a movie, or… Continue reading

Requiem for a Camera

I lost a dear friend last weekend and I am in mourning. I am between cameras. I was an avid photographer when I was a child. I was the proud recipient of my… Continue reading

A Day at the Beach

We hadn’t planned to go to the beach. I had planned to go to Mass and then spend the rest of the day quietly going through boxes and maybe the garage. I remembered… Continue reading

Henry and Wayne and Me

I’ve been on vacation for the past several days. Part of that was attending the Writing From Your Soul writer’s conference in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida with Dr. Wayne Dyer. I knew I was… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge – Street Life

The weather this weekend has not been cooperative, so I’m finally getting around to posting last weekend’s outing with the pups. My husband was working a jazz concert at Cypress Grove Park so… Continue reading

Girls’ Day Out/Pup Walk – Gemini Springs

Hell Week for the Laramie Project starts tomorrow. (For non-theatre people, that’s the week before a show opens when we’re adding lights, sound, video, costuming, whatever). It’s stressful. If you had a life… Continue reading

Blessing of the Pets

Princess Miyuki, Tinkerbell, and I attended the Blessing of the Pets at our church yesterday. I tried taking all four pups last year, but in close quarters with a courtyard full of various… Continue reading

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