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My Favorite Writing Spaces

My garden office used to be my most-used office. I don’t use it as much now since the church next door opened a daycare center and though most of the area is fenced,… Continue reading

Requiem for a Camera

I lost a dear friend last weekend and I am in mourning. I am between cameras. I was an avid photographer when I was a child. I was the proud recipient of my… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge – Split-Second Story

Erma Bombeck has always been one of my favorite writers. I admired her humor, her common sense, her faith, her ability to tell the truth but be kind, her ability to laugh at… Continue reading

Heading Out Tomorrow!

Tomorrow begins vacation – wahoo! I’ll be heading to Ft. Lauderdale for Wayne Dyer’s Writing From Your Soul Conference. If any of you are coming, see you there!

Weekly Photo Challenge – On Top

Living in Florida, “on top” isn’t very high. One exception is Ponce Inlet Lighthouse, which my daughter and I visited last summer. My former Friday morning Coffee in My Garden blogging appointment has… Continue reading

It’s My Blogiversary, Y’all!

Officially, it’s my second year on WordPress. I barely count my first year since I just did one post and was so traumatized by the whole experience I didn’t touch it again for… Continue reading

Finishing Stuff

My theme of late has been “finishing what I start.” It’s something my mother tried in vain to get me to do for as long as I can remember. I’m sure she’s turning… Continue reading

Throwing Mud at the Wall – Let’s See What Sticks!

Sometimes it can get exhausting trying to juggle a day job plus feeding my artistic soul. Sometimes it can get so hard I think about giving it all up so my life becomes… Continue reading

Life as an Artistic Shapeshifter…with a Beach House

This week I’ve completed the transition from actor to writer. I’ve moved from Show Mode to Writer Mode. It’s kind of like being a werewolf. Working around a day job means I can… Continue reading

So You’re Thinking of Starting a Blog…My First Real Year (Almost) as a Blogger

When I started this blog almost 2 years ago, it was for one reason only – to make my friends, who had blogs, stop nagging me about starting one. They thought I should… Continue reading

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