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It’s Christmas Eve Eve, Y’all! 

And I’m freaking out. Normally I take time off around Christmas – a nice, leisurely week before to prepare. This year I didn’t. If I ever pull that again, slap me. The tree… Continue reading

Bringing Order Out of Chaos – Christmas Chaos!

This time of year is absolutely nuts. And I love it. Right up until now, when I start freaking out. Play rehearsals. Choir rehearsals. Hubby is a special events coordinator so we went… Continue reading

Bringing Order Out of Chaos – Slowly (Kitchen Part 2)

Best laid plans… I did not finish the kitchen as planned. But I am farther along than I would have been if I hadn’t started. And then continued on the starting. And will… Continue reading

Sunday Morning Sing Along – Easy

Ahhhhh Sunday! The one day it’s okay to kick back, chill out, not move any farther than absolutely necessary and not be called out on it. It’s a day of rest (heck, even… Continue reading

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