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Poinsettia Love

Resilience is a wonderful thing. It gets us to the other side. Shortly after my beloved mother-in-law passed away, my husband and I cleared out her house. In the garden was a poinsettia… Continue reading

Merry Christmas, Y’all! 

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and fabulous New Year. Smokey says “Can we open presents now?”

It’s Christmas Eve Eve, Y’all! 

And I’m freaking out. Normally I take time off around Christmas – a nice, leisurely week before to prepare. This year I didn’t. If I ever pull that again, slap me. The tree… Continue reading

Merry Christmas, Y’all!

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas.

It’s Christmas Eve, Y’all!

I tried to catch a shot of the animals sleeping around the Christmas tree (hope Santa can get through!) but they took exception to the flash. Tinkerbell prefers the couch and Smokey has… Continue reading

Bringing Order Out of Chaos – Christmas Chaos!

This time of year is absolutely nuts. And I love it. Right up until now, when I start freaking out. Play rehearsals. Choir rehearsals. Hubby is a special events coordinator so we went… Continue reading

Coffee in My Garden – First Day of Vacation, Y’all! With Smokey

It’s cold this morning (55) so we aren’t outside, but I do have the sliding door open – much to the joy of the cats. Even Smokey, our once-feral, now indoor (by choice)… Continue reading

Observation Deck – Christmas Updates and Gizmo’s Turn

Xena isn’t the only one who likes to snuggle up by our new Christmas tree. She got up to stretch her legs and Gizmo saw his chance. I actually had an hour or… Continue reading

Observation Deck-The Cat Test

I never realized until this year how much Xena likes Christmas lights. She likes to sleep in what used to be my chair on the front porch and was annoyed with me when I turned the wreath off in the morning. Last night was cold so she slept in my chair by the new tree. We turn it off when we go to bed, but she and I like to turn it on in the morning while I have coffee and she has breakfast. We love looking at it. Need to make a Christmas throw for that chair…

Observation Deck – The New Christmas Tree is Up!!!!

Tried to get a picture of the whole thing. Gave up. Will try again when it’s done. Now what to do with all the furniture…

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