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Descent from the Lighthouse

It’s hard to find something to descend in Florida – we’re at sea level here. On a favorite summer outing with my daughter, we both ascended (see photo above) and descended (turn photo… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge – On the Move

My daughter and I share Fridays off and we usually spend it on the move. Weekly shopping seems less of a chore when we do it together. For special things, we have tremendous… Continue reading

Girls’ Day Out – Blue Spring State Park

This trip was totally spur of the moment. Daughter and I had our usual Friday morning get together. She had planned to update her craft site The Stitchin’ Witch and I had planned… Continue reading

Florida Strawberry Festival in (Where Else?) Plant City!

If you’ve ever been to this grand celebration of Florida’s strawberry season (February through early March) then you know what I’m talking about. If you haven’t been and you are anywhere in the… Continue reading

Girls’ Day Out/Pup Walk – Gemini Springs

Hell Week for the Laramie Project starts tomorrow. (For non-theatre people, that’s the week before a show opens when we’re adding lights, sound, video, costuming, whatever). It’s stressful. If you had a life… Continue reading

Girls’ Day Out/Pups’ Day Out – Smyrna Dunes Park and New Smyrna Beach – Take Two!

Daughter and I were both off yesterday and decided to hit New Smyrna Beach again since we had so much fun last time. We brought Gizmo (our Pomeranian, who loves to swim) and… Continue reading

Girls’ Day Out – Ponce Inlet Lighthouse and New Smyrna Beach

The pups were very upset with me yesterday. Even though I've been on vacation this week and at home with the pups every day, they somehow have picked up the ability to read… Continue reading

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