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Weekly Photo Challenge – Dreamy

My dog, Gizmo, loves going to the beach as much as I do. Sometimes I sit on my beach towel after a swim, look out over the water, and dream about having a… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge – Zig Zag

Florida is a smooth and gentle state, not known for either zigging or zagging (unless it’s tourists trying to cross International Drive in Orlando). Trying to walk four dogs at once can be… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge – Threes

Hiking with the Pups For more on this challenge, go here.

Beach Day!

Spent the morning writing and part of the afternoon cleaning house and then realized that beginning tomorrow I have to go back to work. It was a gorgeous day and we didn’t want… Continue reading

Sunday Morning Sing Along – Don’t Worry Be Happy

Ahhh Sunday – a time to kick back on the beach, play with the dog, relax…and sing along.

Girls’ Day Out/Pups’ Day Out – Smyrna Dunes Park and New Smyrna Beach – Take Two!

Daughter and I were both off yesterday and decided to hit New Smyrna Beach again since we had so much fun last time. We brought Gizmo (our Pomeranian, who loves to swim) and… Continue reading

Sunday Morning Sing Along – Heat Wave

Ahhhh Sunday – a day to escape the heat whenever possible! And sing along….

Pups’ Day Out – It’s a Long Story

Today did not go as planned. The plan was, to get up early, take the pups for a walk, run by the Farmer’s Market, work on the house and finish a screenplay that… Continue reading

Pup Walk – Gemini Springs

The good thing about rainy days is it really makes you appreciate the sun when it returns. For me, it also means my chances of staying indoors are zero percent or less. The… Continue reading

Coffee in My Garden – Even on Rainy Days

It’s been raining here in the Sunshine State. All week long. Yes, I know it rains in other parts of the world. I have lived in many of those parts and grew to… Continue reading

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