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Heaven and Hell in Orlando

Hell came to Orlando a couple of weeks ago and it had the nerve to do it on my birthday weekend. Not that there is anything special about my birthday (other than to… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge – Street Life

The weather this weekend has not been cooperative, so I’m finally getting around to posting last weekend’s outing with the pups. My husband was working a jazz concert at Cypress Grove Park so… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge – Reflection

I didn’t think I’d have anything to add to this photo challenge, but looking at my photo from today’s outing with the little dogs, it turns out I did get a reflection (however… Continue reading

Pup Walks – Lake Davis Park

The pups and I are always in search of a new park to walk in. I tend to favor walks around lakes or walks that feature water of some sort (other than swamps… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge – Joy

Taking out 2013 in style. Hubby, Son, Daughter, Daughter’s Roommate and I celebrated at one of our favorite restaurants, Lai-Lai We’ve been going there for years, ever since our children were small and… Continue reading

Pup Walk – Gaston Edwards Park

The pups and I had just about given up walking entirely between the heat and the rain. We ventured out last weekend on what we had planned to be a mile walk around… Continue reading

Pup Walk – Big Tree Park

It’s been a crazy busy weekend! Audition yesterday followed by celebrating my great-niece and nephew’s fourth birthday, sang at two Masses this morning, and had a bunch of errands to run this afternoon.… Continue reading

Walking Around Lake Eola

It was far too pretty a day to be stuck indoors so the pups and I went for a walk around Lake Eola in downtown Orlando. We saw a black swan swimming. And… Continue reading

A Glimpse of My Acting Life

48 Hour Film Project Orlando 2011 – Tic For now, my acting has to work around my day job (aka the job that pays the bills) but luckily for me, I do a… Continue reading

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