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Pup Walk – Gemini Springs

Our family experienced a tragedy recently. We lost Li’l Bit, our miniature pinscher. This is our first real outing since then.   Our cars are getting older and the thought of “how far… Continue reading

#AtoZChallenge – O is for Ocean

In celebration of #NationalParkWeek the pups and I took a trip to Canaveral National Seashore. (In case you missed it, free admission to U.S. National Parks all week!) Here it is. Pups are… Continue reading

Pup Walks – Betty Steflik Memorial Preserve and Gamble Rogers Memorial State Recreation Area

After Saturday’s outing to Smyrna Dunes, I had planned to relax on Sunday. That didn’t happen. The day started out foggy and gray but we enjoyed our time at the beach so much… Continue reading

Life is Short, Play with Your Dog

This sign is on the back of my car. It’s a reminder to me on weeks like this when there is way too much to fit in, yet somehow it must be done… Continue reading

Pup Walks – Lake Davis Park

The pups and I are always in search of a new park to walk in. I tend to favor walks around lakes or walks that feature water of some sort (other than swamps… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge – Threes

Hiking with the Pups For more on this challenge, go here.

So grateful for beautiful days like today. Happy Sunday, y’all!

Pup Walk – Lighthouse Point Park

The pups and I actually started out for another park – it’s still hot here, with temperatures hovering at slightly below 90 degrees and that park promised shady trails – but that one… Continue reading

Pup Walk – Smyrna Dunes Park

It’s my first day of vacation, y’all! My original plan was to get everything I had planned to do in the house done, write, then goof off later this week. I did run… Continue reading

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