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Christmas in Florida = Warmth

Contrary to popular belief, it does get cold in Florida, but thankfully here in Central Florida it doesn’t stay cold for long. Daughter and I spent our day after Christmas shopping money from… Continue reading

A Day at the Beach

We hadn’t planned to go to the beach. I had planned to go to Mass and then spend the rest of the day quietly going through boxes and maybe the garage. I remembered… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge – Spring

Spring is my absolute favorite time to go to the beach. Here in Florida, summer is too hot and once the summer thunderstorm pattern begins, timing can be tricky. Storms frequently blow up… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge – Threes

Hiking with the Pups For more on this challenge, go here.

Pup Walk – Lighthouse Point Park

The pups and I actually started out for another park – it’s still hot here, with temperatures hovering at slightly below 90 degrees and that park promised shady trails – but that one… Continue reading

Beach Day!

Spent the morning writing and part of the afternoon cleaning house and then realized that beginning tomorrow I have to go back to work. It was a gorgeous day and we didn’t want… Continue reading

Girls’ Day Out/Pups’ Day Out – Smyrna Dunes Park and New Smyrna Beach – Take Two!

Daughter and I were both off yesterday and decided to hit New Smyrna Beach again since we had so much fun last time. We brought Gizmo (our Pomeranian, who loves to swim) and… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: One Shot Two Ways

Daughter, two of the pups, and I went to the beach today which means I didn’t see what the photo challenge was until just a few minutes ago when we arrived, exhausted and… Continue reading

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