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My Place in the World

I have only one day off this weekend so I’m walking the tightrope of getting things done while trying not to exhaust myself because it’s going to be a busy week. Tomorrow is… Continue reading

#AtoZChallenge – S is for Squirrels

We have several families of squirrels who visit our peanut bowl daily. These two often mirror each other. For more on this challenge, go here.

#AtoZChallenge – P is for Peanut

The neighborhood squirrels love the peanut bowl at the base of our sweetgum tree. We provide peanuts. They provide us with entertainment. For more on this challenge, go here.


I was trying to catch a shot or two of the young squirrels that visit the peanut bowl we set out for them when I happened to look up and catch this glimpse… Continue reading

Coffee in My Garden – In the Dark

I am up early today – no surprise there. It’s an at-home day, as we will all be at Universal Studios tomorrow celebrating Hubby’s birthday (which was actually last month, but it took… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge – Fleeting

Lots of fleeting moments today   Go here to see more fleeting moments – or add your own!

Coffee in My Garden – At Last!

We (and by we I mean Tinkerbell (the Chihuahua), Bean (the Quaker Parrot) and I are out here in my garden a little earlier than usual (I usually wait until my hubby has… Continue reading

Coffee in My Garden – Coming Attractions…Wahoo!

I have found the video function on my camera, y’all! Right now it’s more of a trial than a treasure, but the squirrels seem willing to play along (and they work for peanuts).… Continue reading

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