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In case anyone was wondering where I’ve been lately, the answer is running between work, rehearsal, and finishing my book proposal from the Writing From Your Soul conference I attended back in May.… Continue reading

Observation Deck – Working on Sundays

Our Sunday morning routine has changed. Usually the parrot and I are out early so I can write in the relative coolness of early morning and she can visit with all of her… Continue reading

My Favorite Writing Spaces

My garden office used to be my most-used office. I don’t use it as much now since the church next door opened a daycare center and though most of the area is fenced,… Continue reading

Requiem for a Camera

I lost a dear friend last weekend and I am in mourning. I am between cameras. I was an avid photographer when I was a child. I was the proud recipient of my… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge – Split-Second Story

Erma Bombeck has always been one of my favorite writers. I admired her humor, her common sense, her faith, her ability to tell the truth but be kind, her ability to laugh at… Continue reading

Heading Out Tomorrow!

Tomorrow begins vacation – wahoo! I’ll be heading to Ft. Lauderdale for Wayne Dyer’s Writing From Your Soul Conference. If any of you are coming, see you there!

Weekly Photo Challenge – On Top

Living in Florida, “on top” isn’t very high. One exception is Ponce Inlet Lighthouse, which my daughter and I visited last summer. My former Friday morning Coffee in My Garden blogging appointment has… Continue reading

Finishing Stuff

My theme of late has been “finishing what I start.” It’s something my mother tried in vain to get me to do for as long as I can remember. I’m sure she’s turning… Continue reading

Throwing Mud at the Wall – Let’s See What Sticks!

Sometimes it can get exhausting trying to juggle a day job plus feeding my artistic soul. Sometimes it can get so hard I think about giving it all up so my life becomes… Continue reading

Life as an Artistic Shapeshifter…with a Beach House

This week I’ve completed the transition from actor to writer. I’ve moved from Show Mode to Writer Mode. It’s kind of like being a werewolf. Working around a day job means I can… Continue reading

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