#AtoZChallenge – Q is for Quilt

I had intended to post a picture of one of the quilts my mother-in-law gave me, ones that either she and her mother or her mother-in-law and her mother (I don’t know if it was a different crew for each quilt or the stories have run together over the years). Sadly she is no longer here to ask. They are beautiful, made with love and remind me of my mother’s quilts that she made long ago. This is Florida, blankets and quilts are seldom used here and I’m not sure if I have them packed away somewhere or they are at my daughter’s or son’s homes. The pink one took up residence on my daughter’s bed when she was growing up, the yellow one was on my son’s. My mother-in-law was horrified that I was actually using them. She kept them folded in a closet. I said she was welcome to have them back if she liked, but I loved them and wanted them to be a part of our lives, used as they were intended. She let them stay.

My mother made a small quilt for me when I was small, too. It told the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears (one of her pet names for me was Golidlocks when I was little). It went with me to the beach, out in the yard for tea parties with my stuffed animals, in the hammock for reading time, in the car for long trips. I think I wore it out.

Quilts are made with love and the love lasts long after the quilts are gone.

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